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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  December 9, 2010 6:00am-7:00am PST

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here's a look at the golden gate bridge this morning. how foggy and damp it is. i am tracking light rain for your morning commute with live doppler 7 hd. i'll show you where it's going and an update on that warm, sunny weekend. >> look out for the fog on your drive to work. solano avenue a bunch of cars are off to the shoulder because of some debris on the roadway. look out for that as well.
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>> i'm terry mcsweeney near the bay bridge toll plaza where commuters are going to be off this old bridge and on to the new sooner than expected. but, folks, as you know, change is seldom painless. the story in a live report. >> if you get caught driving without a license in the south bay, it doesn't mean your car will automatically be in the impound lot for 30 days. we'll let you know why some immigrant groups are applauding this policy change comin' up. >> good morning, everyone. it is thursday morning. 6:01. i'm jenelle wang in for kristen sze today. >> i'm eric thomas. delays and cost overruns have been a way of life on the bay bridge reconstruction project but today good news. caltran says it may be able to open the new span months ahead of schedule. there's some complexities here. terry mcsweeney's going to tear it all down for you and put it all back together. >> not going to be easy, not
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going to be cheap or painless but for the thousands of cars across this bridge they're going to be on that new span 2013 instead of 2014 according to an article in this morning's san francisco chronicle. take a look what it's going to look like when it is all said and done. a beautiful new eastern span will be up. you see the animation here. that's also pretty darn beautiful. it's going to be up four to six months ahead of the old schedule. but as soon as sunday, there's going to be some changes out here for drivers. that is when the third of five tower sections arrives here from china long with two more pieces of the bridge deck where they're all being assembled. by christmas the top of the tower higher than the island. that's according to the bay area toll authority. don't let it distract you if you can avoid it. not only that but in the middle of next year, the eastbound lanes of traffic coming off the bridge headed towards oakland will weave to the south to let construction crews do their
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thing. at the end of next year, the other lanes, the westbound lanes heading into san francisco are going to be seeing temporary lane closures and possibly a closure of one direction of the bridge so construction can move forward more rapidly. all of this is possible because they upped the ante for the workers in china, gave them some incentive and the workers responded for getting everything earlier, it's going up sooner than expected. >> thanks, terry. all lanes of traffic are moving again along interstate 880 after a fatal accident there forced the closure of several lanes for the past few hours. this was the scene around 4:30 on southbound 880 north of the washington exit in san leandro. just after 3 a.m. someone called reporting a body in the road but officers say it now appears someone got out of their car and was hit and killed. that person has not been
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identified but two cars were damageded in that crash. >> tonight the san jose school board will begin considering a plan that could mean drastic cuts in some very popular programs to balance the 2011-2012 budget. they're looking to close a $16 million deficit. to maintain standards for younger students, the district wants to bring back summer school for failing students and add back in five furlough days. but in order to do that, the district is considering completely eliminating all adult education programs including ged and english as a second language program. a final decision is expected within a couple of months. >> 20 schools in oakland remain without heat this morning for a ninth straight day but heat should be flowing to most or all of them by tomorrow. it started when the districts shut off the heating over
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thanksgiving break to conserve energy. they'll never turning the heaters completely off again. >> starting next week, starting as soon as next week the city of san jose will change its controversial policy of impounding the cars of unlicensed drivers for 30 days. for years latinos groups claimed that policy unfairly targeted undocumented residents. theresa garcia is live at one of the city's impound lots. terry. >> the reason for that, eric, advocacy groups are saying it's much harder for undocumented immigrants to get licenses. these vehicle seizures basically put a hardship on their working class community when those cars get seized for being unlicensed. this impound lot, the lot that we're at, it's one of many in the city that has been towing dozens of cars a week. but now here in san jose they're joining a host of other bay area
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cities, including san francisco, oakland and berkeley in changing its impound policy. according to our media partner, the san jose mercury news, statistics show 80 cars a week are towed from unlicensed drivers and held for a mandated month-long period. many owners abandon these cars because they're worth less than the nearly $3,000 it costs to get the car out after tickets and city fees. as early as next week, san jose police say the department will ends its 30-day impound policy when those get caught for minor violations. instead alternates, letting a licensed driver pick up the car or if it's towed, pay fees and not have to wait the 30 days. some say unlicensed drivers are a threat to public safety but the immigrant community groups in san jose are saying this is going to pave the path to much more trust between their community and law enforcement. even faith in activists groups calling for a celebration
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gathering in san jose next week. theresa garcia, abc 7 news. >> theresa, thank you so much. newly released documents show prison officials went on a failed two-month search to execute an inmate. the internal memo show officials went on a global hunt for the drug to try to carry out california's first execution in five years. they were snubbed by texas which has plenty. looked in pakistan, got some too late in arizona and finally bought a bigger supply from a british company. the september 30th execution was halted and the state won't schedule anymore until the process is resolved. >> it is 6:07 now. been looking outside and seeing the fog, the mist, the rain. mike is just enjoying every second of it being a meteorologist. what's going on? >> the driving, i didn't enjoy that. it is definitely a damp morning. good morning to you. live doppler 7 hd showing you
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the best radar return still over the north bay. as we kind of widen the picture, focus your attention on the lower left side of the screen, that's a batch of rain that's going to move through the bay and even the south bay the next couple hours making light rain available to all of us for the morning commute. even if you do not get the light rain, there's still drizzle, still fog, very damp. all the streets still wet for yesterday's rain. mild, too. low to mid-50s inland valleys, mid to upper 50s bay shore and out to the coast. mountain view 59. pretty close what our high should be for today. everybody's warmer than yesterday except san rafael where you have exactly the same temperature. this afternoon, cloudy, a stray shower is possible and temperatures for the most part the upper 50s to low 60s. same kind of weather around the monterey bay, probably lesser of a chance of a stray shower. low 60s around the bay, mid-60s inland. your accu-weather forecast, the
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moist air hangs around for tomorrow so we call it mostly cloudy and low 60s. drier air for the weekend. that's why we see sunshine and feel temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. >> all right, mike. it is so foggy out there you're gonna just have to take my word for it. this is interstate 80 in berkeley. you see those headlights there on the bottom of your screen, that's westbound 80 if you can make some of those headlights out. bridge toll plaza also fog by as well. the earlier trouble on eastbound 80 at richmond and solano avenue has been cleared so all lanes open and cleared debris from the roadway. san mateo bridge also looking good right now. everything's fine on 880 now through hayward and 101 in san mateo. but there's a tree down in santa rosa. mark west springs road and rock slide on highway 128 in the calistoga area. >> always a consequence when we
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get rains like this. watch out for it. 6:09. >> the record-setting resident coming to the south bay. >> plus no tickets for voters. why police in one bay area city, officers were reluctant to write
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>> good morning, everyone. 6:13 on the abc 7 morning news. a live picture of san francisco international airport. yes, there are weather-related delays, arrivals here delayed an average of 58 minutes because they started what they call the ground stop program. the planes at the airport headed this way are being told to wait until the weather clears a bit. so call ahead if you've got travelers coming this way. >> san francisco drivers may be noticing an increase in their traffic tickets now that the
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election is over. in october the number of traffic citations was down by 28% while warnings went up by 2%. a district police captain admitted some officers didn't want to make voters angry before they voted on proposition b. public defender's measure to reform public pension. it would have required police and other public workers to pay more for the retirement and health benefits. the measure was defeated. in contrast berkeley has announced two so-called parking holidays to encourage shoppers to come to town. the two days are next saturday december 18th and on christmas eve. the blog berkleyside has city council members voting for the plan to help struggling merchants. all meter spaces will be free and no parking tickets will be given for those spaces. >> the world's largest greenest airship to moffett field in mountain view. signed a three-year lease with e-green technologies to host the
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bullet class 580 starting in july of next year. the blimp is 235 feet long, 65 feet wide and designed to run on biofuels. it can carry a ton of cargo at 75 mph. nasa says it's going to use the blimp for weather science and other experiments. >> i'm sure mike nicco and you would like a tour on that thing. >> we would. >> giving away a huge chunk of its for chur. mark zuckerberg is one of 16 billionaires who has just signed the giving pledge. it challenges them to give a majority of their wealth to charity. bill gates and warren buffett started the campaign. >> yeah, we'd both like to check out that blimp but i'd be flying away from a tornado where he'd be flying towards it. >> that's the weatherman for you. >> all in the name of science and research. i would be a human probe. >> thank you. >> alrighty then!
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human probe! let's hear that forecast! >> let's go outside and show it to you. see what we can find as we probe the skies over san francisco this morning. the embarcadero and the fog continues to thicken. i think eric mentioned those hour flight arrival delays into sfo. use our flight tracker at live doppler 7 hd, a wider picture here to show you if you are traveling around central california to the central valley, even up to northern california, we are going to have rain for the better part of the morning commute. even some really high elevation snow. probably above 7500 feet in the mountains this morning. let's talk temperatures here at home. dress for low to mid-50s inland, mid to upper 50s around the bay. 55 half moon bay. so it's pretty mild this morning. temperatures around the monterey bay just as mild. even inland with mid-50s. three things i want you to know about this forecast. rainy, especially during the morning hours and the heaviest will fall in the north bay.
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scattered light rain in the afternoon but the bulk of today's moisture is this morning. mostly cloudy and a lot of patchy fog again tonight and a warming trend for friday, saturday,en sunday and monday where we see a lot more sunshine. warmer than average in the south bay. low 60s here. on the peninsula upper 50s to near 60. maybe 61 palo alto. upper 50s along the coast this afternoon. near 60 downtown and south san francisco. throughout the north bay we'll have temperatures mid to upper 50s. santa rosa though could make it to around 60 degrees. we can reach 60 in oakland, hayward, fremont. the rest of your neighbors on the east bay shore in the mid to upper 50s. the east bay valleys, the temperatures upper 50s to low 60s. monterey bay low 60s for you. inland mid-60s. stray rain is possible in your neighborhood, too. as far as tonight you can see the clouds and the fog developing. the north bay always the coldest. mid to upper 40s but that's pretty mild this time of year and low to mid-50s for the rest
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of us. what we're seeing, a cold front that continues to move into the bay area and as long as it stays to the north, it's hooking up with a steady stream of moisture lifting it and creating the rain. the biggest single source of lifting is this low here and it's riding along the front. that's why we're seeing the increase in rain right now but behind this low you can see this afternoon's weather and the clouds are much more scattered and not nearly as thick. that's why i think we'll get a break later today without widespread rain and tomorrow high pressure starts to move in. the air mass moist. we'll infuse the air with dryness on saturday, sunday and monday. that's why we have sunshine and temperatures mid to upper 60s. look for another chance of rain tuesday and a better chance wednesday. here's frances. >> chp warning drivers of the thick fog on highway 1 in pacifica and skyline boulevard. you'll find more across the golden gate bridge but at least no major trouble 101 through marin county.
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as we travel farther north in the santa rosa area, there is a tree down. it is blocking the westbound lanes and also a rock slide on highway 128 north of calistoga near the county line. the westbound lane blocked there as well. the traffic out of antioch, lone tree way 24 minutes and about a half hour ride westbound 580 from 205 to 680. no delays. let's check out the south bay. you see the roads are damp here so there have been quite a few problems earlier in morning but no major ones in the south bay. northbound underneath 880 and traffic a little more volume now across the san mateo bridge but delay free. bay bridge toll plaza more fog and backed up to the end of the parking lot. get traffic whenever you want by going to just click on the bay area traffic link. jenelle. >> thanks, frances. time now 6:19. from a hot san francisco singer
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to the christmas special where everyone is a star. don sanchez has it all in this week's what's hot. ♪ santa baby. >> a bit naught tid, a bit nice. a holiday must-see. this week in center for performing arts. ♪ don't get me wrong. >> hot singer owen sings out for hunger saturday night at hart rock café at pier 39. the season for christmas carol with laughs and special effects. freedom fighters, undocumented workers are part of the revolutionary nutcracker sweetie from dance brigade. theater works is the world premier of truman capote's christmas memory. more than 200 artists and
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craftspeople show fine works at the crafts fairs in the concourse exhibition center ♪ >> everyone is a star in the dance along nutcracker. an evening of naughty nauticals from the lesbian gay freedom band. the cast of shrek, the musical in san francisco performed monday night where help is on the way at aids benefit at theater 39 at pier 39. >> scott? >> my name is shrek actually. >> i'm don sanchez, abc 7 news. >> what a great job he has, you know. >> he does. all the fun things. >> 6:21 now. coming up the percs of being world champion. >> why giants fans may get the chance to see their team play at sapphire preferred
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>> good thursday morning to you. 6:24. espn and major league baseball are trying to move the giants opener to at&t park. they get to see the giants start the season by unveiling their world series championship banner at home and in front of a national audience. right now the giants are scheduled to play the first game of next season against the dodgers in l.a. on friday afternoon april 1st. the chronicle reports the plans are in the works to move the game up to thursday evening march 31st at 5 p.m. in san francisco. the teams would then travel to l.a. to complete the four-game series. >> this morning a cruise ship operated by a company out of bent, oregon, is back to port after getting hit by a massive wave in the antarctic. it wiped out a engine wiping out the power and communications systems. windows also shattered. the 100 passengers and 60 crew
6:26 am
members on board are said to be safe. >> 6:25. still ahead at 6:30, a north bay city puts a new ban on medicinal marijuana clubs. >> and bay area school volunteers sent to the hospital after a class project gets dangerously out of hand. why it could mean a change in school policy. >> if you drive your car without a license in the south bay and you get caught, it doesn't mean you automatically lose your car to the impound lot for 30 days anymore. we're going to let you know why this policy reversal is getting immigrant advocacy groups to applaud it coming up. >> the only one with delays, sfo. flight arrival delays nearly an hour. snow delays
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♪ taking you live to wall street where the bell is ringing marking the start of the trading day. the labor department offers the market some good news this morning. applications for unemployment benefits dropped by 17,000 last week to the second lowest level this year which is evidence that companies are cutting fewer jobs. we'll see how the markets are responding to this news live from the new york stock exchange in about 15 minutes. >> well, kind of a difficult commute for drivers this morning. we've had rain, slick roads, fog. i hear there's airport delays at sfo. we'll get the latest from meteorologist mike nicco. >> all we need is a plague of locusts. >> i can't forecast that for you but i can show you the live hd. heaviest in the north bay while you were sleeping. about one, one hundredths in the
6:31 am
east bay. yes, it's keeping everything wet. even where it's not raining too much, we've had a hundred in san francisco, a little more in livermore. starting to see radar returns develop around the bay and off the peninsula coast. that is going to move across the bay over the next couple hours. while it's kind of damp this morning and misty, heavier rain is starting to move towards the bay. the longer you wait, the more likely you find ponding on the roadways this morning. this is the biggest push of wet weather. here's frances. >> mike, it certainly caused its fair share of problems early this morning and we're starting to see a lot of the fog on the back develop as well, the bay bridge toll plaza heavy now towards the 880 overcrossing and slow to the metering lights. we'll check out 101 for you in millbrae where earlier some fog -- it looked clearer on the roadways but there are flight arrival delays of an hour so look out for that. 680 in walnut creek. southbound a little crowded as
6:32 am
you make your way towards highway 24 but the lowest traffic still out of antioch. eric, jenelle. >> frances, thank you very much. it's just about 6:32. a big change maybe coming in the way police deal with unlicensed drivers in the bay area's biggest city. up until now getting caught meant losing your vehicle for at least a month. that appears to be about to change. theresa garcia is live in san jose to explain and why this is being cheered by the immigrant community. theresa. >> eric, we're at the delta impound yard. this is a place that won't be towing as many cars. this is a policy change cheered by so many immigrant advocacy groups. what they're saying is there's so much distrust against immigrants and police. they have a tougher time getting a license. if they get pulled over for something as minor as turning on their signal to make a left or right turn, they could get pulled over and lose their car.
6:33 am
that's for many a way of making a living. here in san jose they're joining a host of others cities including oakland and berkeley in changing this impound policy. according to san jose news, 80 karl a week are towed and held for a mandated month-long period. they abandon the cars because they're worth less than the $3,000 it costs to get the car out after 30 days of storage, tickets and city fees. as early as next week san jose police say the department will end its 30-day impound policy when they get caught for minor traffic violations. officers will offer alternatives like letting a licensed driver pick up a car or if it's towed, a licensed driver can pay the fees and pick it out without waiting the 30 days. groups here in san jose are calling this policy reversal a great way of resolving the path of trust of their group and
6:34 am
police. you have some critics saying this change is not good. they believe unlicensed drivers are a threat to public safety. theresa garcia, abc 7 news. >> theresa, thanks so much. doctors at ucsf medical center are keeping close watch on a toddler this morning after he nearly drowned in a hotel fountain. he's unable to breathe on his own and clinging to life after falling into a fountain at the lobby at the hyatt embarcadero. his mother was holding his twin sister by the little boy was on foot. in mere minutes he was gone. >> the woman started screaming and all the employees were excellent, every employee was looking for them and one was looking under a christmas tree and the clothing caught his eye. >> hyatt says nothing like this has ever happened and the staff it deeply concerned about the incident. >> the latest storm moving through the bay area is heightening concern about a missing 90-year-old oakland man. he was last seen tuesday afternoon when he went on his
6:35 am
daily walk. this is a picture of him. the man has dementia and he answers to bob or robert. he was last seen wearing a brown jacket and this green jail baseball cap in the redwood heights area of oakland. if you see him, you're asked to please contact oakland police. >> a u.s. army staff sergeant from monterey bay county has been killed serving in afghanistan. vin sint ashlock was killed in province in what the military called a non-combat incident. he was in the 890 battalion. governor schwarzenegger ordered flags to be flown at half staff in honor. >> the first official review today of governor schwarzenegger's proposal to close the state's latest budget deficit. the governor has declared a fiscal emergency and called for a special session of the legislature monday to deal with a $6 billion deficit. the testimony about the states
6:36 am
financial outlook will be provided by the legislative analyst office and the department of finance but it's not likely any action will be taken with just a month left before governor schwarzenegger leaves office. >> novato has become the latest city in marin county to ban new medical marijuana dispensaries. they approved a 45-day moratorium that can be extended to develop regulations for any future pot club. a few unlicensed dispensaries have popped up. critics say there is more crime near pot clubs but advocates say municipalities can develop effective rules and tax dispensaries following other cities' leads. >> 6:36 now. we know there is a one-hour delay for flights coming in. we know the roads are slick. travel seems to be the most affected thing today. >> let's check with mike nicco to see what our forecast is
6:37 am
looking like. >> mass transit having delays, too. she's working on that. let's focus on our forecast with live doppler 7 hd. see the rain moving into the peninsula right now and it's going to increase. expect the rain to be a little heavier through about the 7:30, 8:00 hour. could even linger a little later than that. but most people are finally getting off the roads by then. by the morning commute we'll say the heaviest rain is moving in. you can see this chunk of energy here and the increase in the rain and radar. once you get behind that chunk i think we're going to have scattered light rains during the afternoon. we're very, very mild this morning. most of our temperatures pretty close to our average highs. low to mid-50s inland valleys. mid to upper 50s bay shore. by noon all of us mid to upper 50s and by 4:00 we'll hang around the mid to upper 50s after spiking near 60 in many areas say 1:00 or 2:00.
6:38 am
seven-day forecast, a hundredth of an inch of rain, maybe a tenth some isolated areas. friday mostly cloudy conditions because it's going to be really foggy tonight. a hard time getting rid of that tomorrow. saturday, sunday and monday sunshine and much warmer. here's frances with those details. >> hearing about muni delays. having trouble in the light rail service inbound heading to work so they have bus shuttles in place. so far they're not saying anything about the outbound trains but they seem to be operating normally at this time. let me know how it's affecting you. other mass transit systems reporting no delays. you'll find a line at the bridge toll plaza that starts at the overcrossing. slow to the metering lights. a lot of fog there as well. interstate 80 in berkeley very foggy. look out for that for your drive this morning. you'll find more of it across the golden gate bridge. you will though traffic has been pretty quiet out of marin
6:39 am
county. san mateo bridge just a little bit more crowded but still fine. 14 minutes is the drive time from 880 to 101. in the south bay, you'll see the roads are just a bit slick. so there have been quite a few accidents this morning. you'll wanna slow it down. eric, jenelle. >> frances, thank you. it's 6:39 now. >> trading underway on wall street. a live report from the new york stock exchange straight ahead. here's a live look at the big board. right now the dow is up about 13 points. >> why the concern of california's minority community could derail plans for high-speed rail. >> changes coming to fas trak. force force
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snoit ♪ good morning to you.
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welcome back. 6:43 on a thursday. and the rain will continue to move to the east and head into the mountains and become snow around tahoe this afternoon. 44. probably about 7500 feet. same thing as yosemite at 52. scattered rain possible in the afternoon, mid to upper 50s. same thing for the big sur, 57. definitely look at the sunshine and warmer weather l.a. and pal 78 springs in low to mid-70s. here's eric. >> it's 6:43 now. the democratic senator who led the congressional fight in congress to bar gays from military service nearly two decades ago has had a change of heart. sam nunn says he thinking gays can serve openly without damaging the ability to fight. it came from the associated press and comes from the senate delaying a key test vote on the "don't ask, don't tell" policy yesterday over concerns there
6:44 am
wasn't enough public support to overturn the policy. >> the president's tax compromise is likely to pass even if only a dozen democrats vote for it. president obama defended the plan for a third day today. republicans like the package because they would extend bush era tax cuts even for america's wealthiest and cut estate taxes. even though democrats say it's likely to pass there are system some holdouts. >> i'm not sure it will pass in its current form. >> we've reached a bipartisan agreement. it's time democrats and congress reach a similar conclusion and enable us to act for the good of the whole country. >> the obama administration has been telling democrats that if they defeat the plan, they could jolt the nation back into a recession. >> today the senate is widely expected to reject a bill that would create a way for young illegal immigrant to become u.s. citizens. the house passed the dream act but unlikely to muster the 60
6:45 am
senate votes. the bill will target immigrants under the age of 16. they would have a chance to gain legal status if they join the military or attended college. >> time now 6:45. investors today and workers in san francisco are all recharging their batteries. >> bloomberg reporter jane king is live at the new york stock exchange with our morning "moneyscope" report. happy thursday to you, jane. >> hello, eric and jenelle. happy thursday to you, too! promising signs about jobs today. weekly unemployment claims falling more than expected. the moving average, seen as a leading indicator of future movement actually at its lowest level at more than two years. a little bit of good news. jobless rate still high but maybe seeing signs of change. the dow, s & p, nasdaq all trading slightly higher here. we haven't had a lot who have movement in stocks this week but yesterday the s & p did close at a two-year high.
6:46 am
the bloomberg silicon valley index up a little as well. keeping an eye on netflix. the movie rental service new deal with disney covers delivery for abc network and for the first time abc family and all this as netflix makes an aggressive effort to lower its dependence on the dying business of mail order dvd's. netflix by the way doing more than recharging its business. also one of the companies recharge batteries literally. it has two electric car charging stations at the headquarters. the bay area companies like that along with microdevices and other companies that already have charges facilities or considering getting those. also here this morning we've got the markets as i mentioned mere just a little bit higher. and that is business at the new york stock exchange. i'm jane king. >> jane, thank you so much. have a great thursday.
6:47 am
we'll see you tomorrow. >> more news for you right now. roseville a 17-year-old boy has turned himself in for a restaurant prank that went terribly wrong. david was working at a drive-through window when the teen ordered a hot spinach dish and then threw it back at him. it left him with second degree burns and possible permanent scars. it was apparently one of those fire in the hole pranks in which people record themselves throwing today or drinks at drive-through clerks and post the video online. in this case police say the teen could face felony charges. >> time now 6:57. a lot going on in the weather today. showers, what else? >> eric wants the kitchen sink, too. >> throw that in there, too. >> i don't want much, you know. typhoon -- i'm kidding! i'm kidding! how about some dry weather. >> when's that coming? >> for the weekend. we have to get this to get
6:48 am
there. here's sfo. eric, what kind of plane is that? (laughter) >> very nice. >> a 737-800. >> there you go. >> keeping him on hi toes. he's the man when it comes to that. flight arrival delays at sfo. joking aside, i know you have places to go this morning and we want you to be safe. the best radar returns from novato down 101 into san francisco all the way over 24 to walnut creek up concord, vallejo and american canyon. that's where we're finding the rain right now. more down to atascadero. the east bay shore in the south bay through the heart of the morning commute over the next couple hours. be prepared for rapidly deteriorating conditions for your commute. temperatures very mild this morning. low to mid-50s continue inland. mid to upper 50s around the bay and the coast. monterey bay still stuck in the
6:49 am
mid-50s even inland. so the rain, the bulk of it will fall this morning and the heaviest it's been in the north bay. now you can see some of that is starting to switch into the bay. mostly cloudy. the fog developing again tonight. i don't think we have rain. just really damp outside. warming trend, that's friday, saturday and sunday. hit the upper 50s to low 60s. scattered light rain just about anywhere. oakland, fremont 60. low 60s today in the south bay with cupertino and santa clara 61. upper 50sto low 60s on the peninsula. upper 50s along the coast and downtown san francisco. south san francisco 60. sames with santa rosa. monterey bay we'll have low 60s, scattered possible, scattered rain we'll say and mid-60s inland. tonight the fog thickest in the north bay. low to mid-50s for the rest of us. up front stalling just to our north. an area of low pressure out to our west.
6:50 am
that's why we have the heaviest rain this morning. a steady stream of moisture will bring these clouds in in the afternoon. won't be nearly as thick as this morning. if we get a little sunshine, moisture in moisture in the atmosphere and create a shower or two. saturday, sunday and monday sunshine and mid to upper 60s. tuesday and wednesday an increasing chance of rain and cooler weather. if you have weather video or weather you'd like to share, we would love to see them. upjust load the report or e-mail. here's frances with a look at your commute. >> mike, looks like it's also a rough start for muni in san francisco. on the end judah line, the service disrupted. buses are in place for in-bound trains headed downtown. an accident on san francisco city streets. this is going to impact the
6:51 am
m-ocean view line. apparently a car spun out on the tracks and it may be blocking at least the outbound trains on the m. line. look out for that. also you'll find a lot of thick fog as well through pacifica and daly city, skyline boulevard, highway 1. visibility less than a hundred feet. we already know about those flight delays at sfo. the north bay we have trees down in the vos area. mark west springs road. even a rock slide up highway 128 north of calistoga near the county line. toll plaza backed up to the 880 overcrossing. you can get the latest whenever you want it by going to and click on the bay area traffic link. eric. >> frances, thank you. 6:51 now. in san mateo city officials are trying to look for ways to resolve a noise issue with union pacific after the railroad refused to request a lower volume of its horns.
6:52 am
it's similar to the problem san mateo had with caltrain last year. caltrain moved the horns from the bottom to the top of its locomotives causing an increase in volume to warn motorists at nine track crossings. the examiners reports after numerous noise complaints, caltrain spent $200,000 to move those horns back where they were. but union pacific which runs freight trains says it doesn't have the same locomotives going through the peninsula. it's not feasible to change its entire fleet. >> minority-owned business groups are calling for the federal government to pool funding from california's high-speed rail project because they claim the project is ignoring minority-owned firms. those groups including the african american chamber of commerce has filed a complaint with the department of transportation. they say federal funding for the $40 billion project is going toon old boys network of big construction firms, many outside the u.s. a rail department spokes woman
6:53 am
disagrees. the complaint asks the federal government to halt funding while they investigate. >> the fas trak program is making changes to safeguard privacy. drivers have to provide lots of personal information like credit card numbers, phone numbers and e-mail. a new state law that takes effect january 1st requires transportation officials to destroy that information if the account is inactive four and a half years. it also tightens security to protect the information from hackers. the same safeguards will be used for the clipper regional fare payment cards. >> a santa rosa elementary school is rethinking its holiday activities after a near disaster in the classroom. a classroom volunteer was working on a candle-making project when it caught fire. the third grade students were away for an assembly. one was melting wax on a hot plate when it apparently overheated. >> the fire department was recommending that a candle-making project at an elementary school might not be
6:54 am
an appropriate project and i would expect our district would say that that was true. i can say with confidence we won't do another one here. >> lou went to the hospital with burns on her right side. she was treated and released. there was minor fire damage to the classroom. all the students were evacuated as a precaution. >> a new warning this morning for social smokers. just one puff on that cigarette could be the one that causes your heart attack. the surgeon general's report on smoking and health says tobacco smoke begins poisoning immediately as 7,000 chemicals in each puff rapidly spread through the body to cause damage to nearly every organ. even inhaling somebody else's second hand smoke could be enough to block the arteries and trigger a heart attack. >> you can expect smoke will be a key part of an art music in new york. it's expected to be full of exhibits that really stink.
6:55 am
the center of owe factory art says it's a sensory museum where patronses are encouraged to smell objects. the goal is to show that sense creation can have as much artistic merit as painting or sculpture. >> hmm. 6:55 now. san jose will change a vehicle impound policy that advocates say unfairly targets undocumented drivers. >> theresa garcia is live in san jose with more details. >> good morning. this delta towing yard is one of many in the city that soon won't be towing and impounding as many cars. this is a policy change being cheered by immigrant advocacy groups of that long-protested vehicle seizures cause the working class community economic hardship. now there's a change. san jose is joining a host of
6:56 am
other bay area cities, including san francisco, oakland and berkeley in changing its impound approximately. according to our media partner, the san jose mercury news, police statistics show 80 cars a week are towed from unlicensed drivers and held for a month-long period. many abandon these cars because they're worth less than the nearly $3,000 it costs to get the car out after 30 days of storage, tickets and city fees. as early as next week, san jose police say the department will end its 30-day impound policy when those unlicensed drivers get caught for minor traffic violations. instead the officers offer alternatives like parking the car and getting a licensed driver to pick it up that same day or having the licensed driver pay any of the fees and they can pick it up, don't have to wait 30 days. some don't agree saying unlicensed drivers are a threat to public safety. live in san jose, theresa garcia, abc 7 news. >> checking other top stories. 6:56. caltran says it may be able to
6:57 am
only the eastern span of the bay bridge 2013 months ahead of schedule because the workers in china are moving fast to create parts. on sunday the third of five towers arrives in the bay area from china. >> final check of the forecast now. meteorologist mike nicco. >> live doppler 7 hd really tells the weather story. damp outside once again and live rain moving through the bay. if it's not raining in your neighborhood yet, you can see more radar returns headed your way. this is the last day of rain. frances? >> a lot of fog at the bay bridge toll plaza. look out for thick fog especially pacifica and daly city as well. hearing about muni delays on the end judah in-bound line. apparently using bus shuttles in place. a car crash may cause m-ocean view delays as well for outbound trains. >> thank you very much and thank you for joining us for the abc 7 morning news. >> have a great day. we'll see you later.
6:58 am
bye. >> stay dry! [ male announcer ] enjoy an amazing usda choice steak
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